Aug 5, 2013

When Did I Start Speculating About Superman/Batman?

What is everyone's favorite activity when you are waiting what seems like forever to get some news about a TV show, movie, or book? Speculating. We all do it, and we enjoy the heck out of it. Today I'm coming to you with a list I saw over at The Mary Sue for the recently teased Man Of Steel + Batman movie. 

The question on everyone's mind is "Who the hell is playing Batman!?" So let's go through this baseless list and fall in love or hate accordingly.

Josh Brolin (46) He looks like a tough cookie. I'll consider him.
Ryan Gosling (32) I will find any excuse to get him in everything I watch ever.
Joe Manganiello (36) Introducing Muscle-Man! I like him in True Blood, so I'm thinking about it.
Max Martini (43) Not feeling him...also he raised a sort of shitty kid in Pacific Rim.
Matthew Goode (35) He looks like my local barista...doesn't scream vigilante to me. Does ask if I want foam.
Scrutinize these faces who might not even be selected at all to play Batman. Of course, there are other amazing options out there, maybe even some unknown actor. The point is, we have zero control. So we can either speculate/obsess or accept our doom one way or another. Either way, we can all agree that we want a batman that is the opposite of this:

Holy Lactation, Batman! Look at those nips!
Who do you want to play Batman? What is the story line you want to see in this movie? Who wins; Superman or Batman?

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