Aug 3, 2013

When Did I Make An Official Posting Schedule?

I played around a little, and asked for feedback, on what sort of categorized set up I'd like to do for the blog starting post 100. I got some good comments, and came up with this:
  • Motley Mondays: A round up of what I’m expecting to happen during the week and whatever else is in my head that I feel like sharing.
  • Get In My Belly: Tuesdays are about sharing the food porn. Baking or cooking, I’ll share my favorite recipes I found on the internet since last we met, and share my own successes.
  • Cheese with My Whine: It’s Wednesday, and you know what? I’ll have something to complain about.
  • Thanks A Million: Let’s even out yesterday with what I’m feeling thankful for this week. No, it won’t ALWAYS be my husband. Sorry James.
  • Geek Out: Is it tech? Is it pop culture? Does it have to do with fangirling? It's here.
  • Creative Writing: Saturday is about sitting down and doing a little anything goes writing.
  • Sunday: Day Off. Come on, I need one day to myself. Don’t worry, Motley Mondays will fill you in on anything you missed.
I'm a little apprehensive about making any of these entries video blogs. The time may come where I feel more like talking then typing, but that's going to be down the road. 

Always feel free to comment, critic, or make suggestions. Thanks for reading!

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