Aug 6, 2013

When Did I Start Seeing Things?

So here I am surfing this big wave we call the internet.
This is literally me.
I stumble on a picture of a younger Hugh Dancy.
Smother me with those eyes, baby.
So naturally I'm doing one of these:

Then the "Oh Yeah!" turns into "Oh shit!"
Yes I use this gif, really it's very appropriate.
He is channeling Spike Spiegel!
Yes, THIS Spike.
The point I'm trying to that Hugh Dancy is hot, scary, awkward, and cute all wrapped up into a big ball of love that needs to be in more movies, TV shows, commercials, and narrate audio books. Oh, and for a minute there totally pulled off Spike Spiegel.

It doesn't always need to be serious, people.

Am I seeing things? Do you agree? I think we can all agree that someone needs to freaking HELP WILL GRAHAM!

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