Aug 12, 2013

Motley Mondays: Elysium, Thor, and The Avengers

Welcome to Motley Mondays! Let's talk about my Sunday at to the movies, and some other stuff I watched when I got home. First up, I went with the family to go see Elysium. On the way there I saw an advertisement that made me do a double-take, and thankfully I was able to take a picture.
For the selective zombie.
I looked it up later on in the day and figured out it was a learning center (one would assume) but it's still a pretty funny name.

So Elysium. I didn't want to go see it, so let's put that on the table now. It was overall an alright movie, but not something I needed to go see in the movie theaters. What saved the movie for me? In a word? Kruger. Played by Sharlto Copley (District 9), he is just one happy go lucky homicidal maniac with a sailors mouth to boot. Oh, and has a sort of exoskeleton suit that makes him all the more dangerous. 
Cray cray guy? Check. Buff as hell. Check. Turned on by hunting people down. Check. Boyfriend. Material.
Kruger had the right dialogue, right tone, and right actor to execute a character that is now in my pantheon of favorite characters. Matt Damon's character you ask? Eh. Matt Damon.

Now let's talk about the Thor Movie and The Avengers Movie. I think most people will agree they were great movies. For me, more than anything, the star was Loki. However, I did love the entire ensemble in Avengers. So when I got home I watched a deleted scene from Thor, and then I watch The Avengers Bloopers. First video was funny, then terribly sad when put into context, and the second is just side splittingly funny. You be the judge.

"Now give us a kiss." **sobbing**


And that was Sunday for me. Today has just been me at work. I have Wednesday off this week, so maybe I'll do something a little extra for the blog. So, did you have a chance to see Elysium yet? Verdict? Did you like the Marvel videos I posted above? Do we have Loki fans out there? Comments are always welcome!

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