Aug 21, 2013

Cheese With My Whine: Health Care In The USA

Firstly, how about you watch this:

That was John Green. He's an excellent writer, advocate against world suck, and a reminder to me to never forget to be awesome. I saw this video and I very clearly felt happy and upset at the same time. Too often do I hear United States Sheep Citizens play along with the political pandering of the Health Care "Debate".

"Making me have free health care is unconstitutional."
Buddy, we do lots of things we don't really have any say in. Following road laws, paying taxes, and even submitting to surveillance. This isn't the thing to complain about.
"Free health care means lower quality health care!"
Not sure if you heard, but we're 33rd in life expectancy. I'd also like to point out who has free (Universal) health care. Japan, who is number one on the list.
"We'll have higher taxes with free health care!"
It's documented (you know, fact) that we pay more in taxes than those with Universal Health Care, and receive nothing close to free health care in return. If the government decided to raise taxes, well then we know it's their choice, not a necessity.

"Free health care is socialist!"
Oh, I'm sorry. I thought we were having an adult conversation. My bad.

I'm sick (health care joke!) and tired of this terrible "debate". I don't care who you are, where you're from, or what you did (N' Sync joke now), if you are telling me that you are against a system that is proven to work in major counties around the world, that could improve the life of your fellow citizens, your friends, your family, and yourself, then you are either a political sheep or intentionally an A-Hole.

Are there flaws with Universal Health Care. Yes. Is the system the United States has now a gleaming bald eagle of amazing? Far from it. I'd at least prefer to have a health care system that consistently out performs our own. What is your view on the issue. Very interested in what you have to say, positive or not. Comments are always welcome!

Oh, and I hope you caught him mentioning the next season of Sherlock. He understands my physical need for the new season.

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