Aug 19, 2013

Motley Mondays: 34 Days Until Florida

It's pretty insane to me that there are so time left before my husband and I move to Florida. I think I'll dedicate today's post about things in Florida I look forward to most:

5. Year round ice cream weather. You know what rocks more than summer? 8 months of it.

4. Central air. Goes well with those 8 months of summer.

3. Going to tourist attractions casually. Universal Studios? SeaWorld? Disney World? Major beaches? Oh yeah, you mean those things we do on weekends.

2. Lower cost of living. In Chicago, I can find a 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment (without central air, without washer and dryer in unit, without parking included) for $1,500. In Florida, I used to live in a 4 bedroom 3 bath apartment (with central air, with washer and dryer in unit, with parking included) for less than $900. Yeah, that's just an example of the savings, not including the exorbitant taxes paid here in Chicago.

1. Friends and Family. Yes, I am moving away from my parents. I am indeed sad about this. Also, I just spent 20 years with them. My sister, her kids, my husbands family, and both our friends are in Florida, and we will live no more than 30 minutes away. That's pretty amazing.

That's why we put on sunscreen, Katniss.
Florida, I'll see you soon.

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