Feb 24, 2013

When Did I Start Doodling?

Everyone doodles. Whether it's on a napkin at a bar, a test paper, or a bus seat. We naturally try to balance out our boredom with doodles. You can ask any of my high school teachers that I was not lacking in the doodle department. I'd draw everything from octopus creatures to talking cupcakes. Chances are if I've got nothing important to do, I'm doodling.

One of my favorite pass times on the internet is using an online sketch program and saving all the doodles I create while on the net. Most are pretty silly, but some I try to actually be a little serious and make something I'd be proud showing someone. Like on Friday, I drew the doodle you saw at the beginning of the blog post. It's certainly nothing special. It's just a simple woman's face. But, to me, I prefer going very simple, clean, and with a tiny pop of color. That's my doodle style.

I named it "Dream" since it has that peacful look about it. Doodles are also a nice way for me to think of story ideas. Who is this woman? What's her name? What's she dreaming of? What problems does she have? I think that is my main creative process in any writing class. Who do you think the woman is? Does she have a story to tell?

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