Feb 19, 2013

When Did I Get Such a Weird Gecko?

This is Kakushi. His name means 'hidden' in Japanese. He's a Leopard Gecko. 

We've had him a little more than half a year now. His favorite place to sleep is inside this decorative version of a Japanese Stone Lantern. In the beginning, with Kakushi being so small, I wasn't worried about him getting in or out. Now, he's grown a bit. Mind you, he can fit inside it perfectly, he just chose this particular time to stick his head out while sleeping. We have 3 other Leopard Geckos, but they are female, so Kakushi has a bachelor pad of sorts.

In unrelated news, my husband James went into the recruiter office today for some measuring. Tomorrow (His birthday) he'll stay at a hotel, and Thursday morning he'll get his official physical. Then if everything checks out, he'll be able to sign a contract the same day. Big progress!

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