Feb 20, 2013

When Did I Get Such a Handsome Husband?


(Yes, this IS my handy work, thank you very much.)

GOOD NEWS: My husband is the most attractive, intelligent, and caring man I know. He's been there for me since the day I met him, and he seems to only be getting better as time goes on. He's been working tirelessly for 9 months now to get into the Navy. He got a great ASVAB test score, has done all his paperwork, and lost about 50 lbs in total.

Tuesday we were told we were almost at the end of the journey. All he had to do was stay at a hotel Wednesday night, Thursday morning he'd have his official physical, and the same day he could sign his contract for the rating he wants.

BAD NEWS: His Navy Recruiting Office seems to not give a damn about their job. Just before they were about to take my husband to the hotel, the Head Officer decided to measure James 1 more time. He claims James had "shrunk 3 inches" since the last time his height was measured. In fact, for months, they had been telling us James was 6 feet tall. Now they came up with 5 foot 10 inches. That means he'd have to lose another 24 lbs before he could finish his process.

I'm frustrated because my husband has done everything these people asked for, and now they are the ones who have so immensely screwed up. Now my husband has to be the one to pay for it? Our bad, we can't even use our equipment to measure height correctly, but just lose another 24 lbs.

I never want us to be as disappointed as  we were today. We're still trying to collect ourselves.

MORE GOOD NEWS: Since James was home, I decided "Screw It!" and made him a bunch of cupcakes and cake. If he was gonna be home on his birthday, well we were gonna have sweets. He could only have 2 cupcakes, but it's more dessert than he's had in forever. His face made me forget the utter craziness of the day. I love you James.

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