Feb 21, 2013

When Did I Stop Sleeping?

That's a bit of a loaded question, considering the start of this blog was done in a fit of insomnia. Can I tell you something personal? I love sleeping. There was a time not too long ago all I did in my free time was sleep. Hours and hours and hours of sleep. I let more than half the day go by. You know what? I enjoyed it more than being awake. I could create more interesting, interactive, and meaningful scenarios in my dreams that I could hope to achieve in my waking life.

Then, something happened. I met a boy who gave me a reason to stay awake. I'm now married to this man. Then an obstacle came up. I wanted to sleep, but I couldn't anymore. I had violent nightmares, flashing disturbing images, and haunting voices. I divulged my concerns to my doctor, and she gave me pills. I then had no trouble going to sleep, and I did it at a pretty acceptable time.

I find I still sleep way more than I should. I take "cat naps". I nap during the day. Then, when nighttime comes, I stay awake hours, if not the whole night. I read news from the day, I watch movies, I read, or I find another 100 ways to occupy those late night hours. Well, other than watching my husband sleep.

I'm either sleeping too much, or awake too much. Polarized is not what I'd call healthy, but it is my normal. Do you have a normal sleep schedule? Do you cling while sleep attempts to drag you away? I never cling. I'm a willing abductie.


  1. I used to be quite the night owl myself. I rarely took early classes in college. I worked in bars and restaurants that closed at two AM. I was part of a spoken word group that hosted open mics, at night. I rarely, if ever, worked morning shifts, and then the earliest I would have to be at work was ten thirty AM. It was a painful transition when I planned on going to get my masters degree and then eventually transitioning into teaching full time. Painful. I had to basically brainwash myself to wake up. I set three alarms. I also could easily sleep through all three. No problemo. I write before I go to bed and I remind myself, in my writing, how terrible it would be if I overslept.

    I am also a fan of dreaming and understand how enticing that world can be.

    1. Problem is, I like sleeping ALL day. So I have to pick which half of the day I wanna TRY to be awake for.