Apr 22, 2014

Get In My Belly: The Perfect Cheese Plate

Welcome to Get In My Belly! You know what I have a hard time doing? Prepping for get togethers. It's not that I don't know how, or that I am bad at it, so much as I tend to go overboard. This results in me being more tired than happy during said get together. Solution?

Stick with me here.
A Wine and Cheese party is not labor intensive by any means, just requires a bit of thought and a trip to your local Whole Foods or what have you. Selecting a good wine can be as easy as asking someone in the store or a google search, but what about "cheese plates"? Everyday Food Blog takes the somewhat unknown territory of cheese plates and breaks it down for the every man (or woman). Here is the very basic break down:
  1. Choose the right cheese: no kraft slices, please.
  2. Pick the vehicle: I think the baguette slice is the luxury car in this case.
  3. Make some sweet selections: fresh fruit probably better than candy.
  4. Just add crunch: being nuts doesn't count.
  5. Get a board: is serving on a surfboard cool or weird?
  6. Consider timing: room temp is better, but no one is that picky.
A Wine and Cheese party is excellent when you want to focus more on the party and less on the clean up. Bonus points because you look fancy and grown up to your friends and family. Besides, if you can't live off cheese, fruit, and bread, you are not the kind of people I want at my party anyways.

Have you had a Wine and Cheese party before? Was it a success or did your guests think you were lazy? Comments are always welcome!

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